Cross-departmental collaboration enriches library website redesign

The library website redesign process continues, and a new collaborator has joined the project team.  Judith Logan, a Reference Librarian from Robarts, has been working with us on the content of our central website.  Judith’s extensive public service experience and expertise in web writing best practices is helping us improve the content of our site while we work on the design and functionality. Judith’s contributions to the project so far have included:

  • Auditing all of our published pages (~450) on the central website with special attention to the accuracy and clarity of the content
  • Working with content owners across the University of Toronto Libraries on revising their pages when needed
  • Updating our website style guide to reflect current web writing conventions

ITS will continue to work with library staff members from across the University of Toronto Libraries. We would appreciate your input as we work to enhance our users’ experience of the library website. If you would like to get involved, provide your feedback immediately, or learn more about the library website redesign process, please contact us!

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