Don't let crappy content ruin your new site: tips from DrupalCon 2014

Marc recently attended DrupalCon in Austin, Texas. Below is a recap of a session Marc found interesting in light of the library's upcoming website redesign.

Tips from Nica Lorber's presentation at DrupalCon, "Don't Let Crappy Content Ruin Your New Site" (good advice!)

Crappy content:

  • is not curated for the web
  • decreases usability (both language and speed)
  • does not meet website goals

Don't forget that:

  • people read 20% more slowly online than on paper
  • continue to consume online information in an F shaped pattern
  • scan instead of reading every sentence
  • people are task focused and have limited time to search

Don't be afraid of good editing. Always ask:

  • what is the utilitarian purpose of this page?
  • can it be shorter?
  • can it be eliminated?

What we can do to facilitate a user's online journey:

  • provide intro paragraphs before larger blocks of text
  • avoid "banner blindness," i.e. people ignore any information placed on the right hand side of the page, where ad banners typically exist
  • place most important information in the upper left hand area of a page
  • use action words and phrases
  • get to the point quickly and succinctly

View the entire presentation below for more tips. Go forth and produce great content!

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