How to be good at Twitter

Recently, Judith Logan, a Reference Librarian who is collaborating with ITS on the Library Website Redesign project, attended a presentation entitled, “How to Be Good at Twitter.” Here are some words of advice that she is passing on to us:

  • To reach the widest possible audience, tweet during primetime hours. This is true across most demographics, including our primary target audience (age 16-24).
  • Use images: tweets get 62% more retweets when the author includes a photo. Make sure the image is relevant.
  • For discovery purposes, don’t invent hashtags. You need to use a hashtag that already exists.
  • Live tweeting is a great way to get more followers, as long as the event you’re live tweeting is newsworthy.
  • In order to learn about the performance of your individual tweets and your Twitter account as a whole, use It offers information about when people re-tweet or favourite your tweets.
  • It’s tempting to just ignore negative people and tweets, but it’s best to engage with them politely. Responding nicely usually converts negative people into happy people, and they generally stay that way over time.

Many thanks to Judith for these tips. We look forward to putting them into action in our ongoing and future projects!

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