Opportunity to test the new TSpace

ITS is in the process of upgrading and redesigning TSpace. Before launching in mid-October, we’re offering everyone an opportunity to test and provide feedback. To help the transition to the new version of the software go smoothly, we asking for volunteers to help test the new version of this site. To do so, please use feedback tool to complete the questions on the left hand side of the page. 

We ask that you please complete this survey by October 10th, as this will give us adequate time to address any problems before the launch.

Some of the new features of TSpace 4.1 are:

  • A new look and feel;
  • Responsive design, so the website will look beautiful on any size device; and
  • Improved search, e.g. when you search for ‘helloo’, the search function responds with “Did you mean ‘hello’?"

For more information about new features.

If you do not have time to fill out the survey or have any additional comments/questions, please feel free to email the project.

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