Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Photo of tape library

The Library and Scholars Portal store well over one petabyte (PB) of data for backup and disaster recovery purposes. One PB = 1000 TB = 1,000,000 GB = 1,000,000,000 MB.

This data includes:

  • Backup copies of the daily state of all data kept in our storage networks
  • Multiple copies of frequently changed files and extended retention of deleted files to allow point-in-time recovery
  • 300+ TB of archived data kept for long-term preservation

All of the above data is replicated two times. One copy is stored for ready access in the Library's data centre, the other is kept at a secure offsite location greater than 100 kilometers away. This remote location is updated with changed data on a daily basis and is part of the Library's disaster recovery plan for its electronic services.

Planning and implementation of our backup and disaster recovery services are an integral part of Scholars Portal's Trustworthy Digital Repository statusHardware to operate these services run on an IBM TS3500 automated tape library (interior pictured here).

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