Data Storage

Photo of data storage

To meet the Library and Scholars Portal's continually growing data storage requirements, the Library manages a large-scale operation, which involves running a variety of hardware to support services such as:

  • The Library catalogue and database services
  • Library staff network drives
  • Preservation and archive data, including content scanned by the Internet Archive Canada
  • Scholars Portal Journals, Books, and GIS services

The hardware includes a 390 TB storage area network from Pillar / Oracle (pictured), 40 TB in a smaller storage network supplied by Dell, and more than 100 TB in a number of smaller, specialized storage pools serving dedicated needs.

Future storage plans involve a massive expansion to over one petabyte (1000 TB) as part of the joint UTL / Scholars Portal projects ODLRC (Ontario Digital Library Research CLoud) and CTAC (Canadian Text Archive Centre). More details on this project are pending.

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