Graham Stewart

Photo of Graham Stewart
Network and Storage Services Manager

Recently completed projects: full automation of server and application infrastructure for key library web sites, fully automated installations of commonly used Library server software, capacity expansion of the onsite tape backup library used by Scholarsportal and the Library to potential of greater than two petabytes. Ongoing projects: full virtualization of all 150+ Library servers, using open source Linux KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), ongoing automation of Library server infrastructure, automated code deployment for Library websites, integrating infrastructure automation with software version control, expanding the Library's scope of metrics collection, graphing, and analysis for web sites and server operations. Graham has worked in  libraries since 1976 and for Information Technology Services since 1997. Areas of interest include: infrastructure automation; speed, reliability, and availability of online services; DevOps; data archiving and preservation; open source operating systems and applications; improving users'  experience of technology. Educational background includes physical anthropology, cinema studies, and comparative literature. When not at work Graham enjoys recording, performing, and releasing experimental/ambient/electronic music. 


  • Library Web Services
  • Data Centre and IT Infastructure

Skills and Expertise: 

  • Network Security
  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Storage