Technology and change

Everyone loves a surprise: a birthday gathering, an unexpected gift, or even a kind word from a stranger can make your day. When it comes to technology, surprises don’t gather quite as much enthusiasm.

Changes in technology – large or small – require good communications to ensure that users of a service are adequately prepared for the disruption. Starting a conversation with your users about the coming change helps to anticipate and plan for their needs. With user needs in mind, we can work together to minimize the impact of change while also capitalizing on an opportunity for education and development.

Learn more about communicating change and methods of managing user feedback in regards to technology change from the presentation “Communicating Changes in Digital Services” (below). Three case studies explore the use of change communications, methods of delivery, and how these methods can be adapted to your organization.

Have you experienced significant technological change in your organization? Do you feel it was well handled?

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