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Leslie Barnes and others recently attended the workshop "Tools to Tackle Big Data" at UofT. Below is Leslie's recap of the day.

Members of the ITS team recently attended the “Tools to Tackle Big Data” workshop organized by Electrical & Computer Engineering department at University of Toronto. In his high level talk “Data Science,” Brendan Frey summarized key issues and pointed out that working with large datasets requires a combination of programming skills, math and statistics knowledge, and domain expertise. Data science, Frey maintained, was the discipline of working with big data. His assertion was shored up by the common challenges faced by researchers who presented over the course of the day long event. Several disciplines, including Computer Science, Genomics, Astronomy, and Neuroscience, were represented and researchers presented on their uses for and methods of generating and analyzing big data. Despite the variety of data types and research goals, all of the researchers confronted common issues of management, cleaning, analysis, and presentation.

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